EZ Party Set

EZ Lens Rental will be offering the EZ Party Set for people who wants to add something extra to their parties/gatherings. Our party set allows you to instantly print photos so that you and your guests can document that perfect moment. There is no need for door gifts that are costly and impractical, everyone can now take home something that is meaningful to them. What makes this even greater is that you can do it on your own at an affordable rate!

We are offering three packages – the basic package for those who already have their own cameras and lens, the classic package for those who prefers do do up their own decorations and props, and the essential package for those who prefers a one-stop EZ solution.




If you have any queries, contact us at ezlensrental@gmail.com now. We look forward to creating a memorable experience with EZ Party Set. Also check out our FAQ for EZ Party Set here!
For ala-carte rental, contact us to find out more.