• To have rented 3 times of more within 12 months of first rental
  • Good rental records
    • Items returned in good condition
    • Items returned during the stipulated timings
  • To have liked our FB page or Instagram

Membership benefits

  • Members price for all rentals
  • One-time 50% discount off total amount on birthday month, for up to 7 days rental
  • Earlier collection, later return - able to collect 1 hour earlier than stated timings, and to return 1 hour later than stated timings.
    • Collection: 11am – 10pm (weekdays), 11am – 7pm (weekdays)
    • Return: 9am – 10pm (weekdays), 9am – 3pm (weekends)
  • Simplified rental procedure. No need to produce NRIC and billing proof during collection of equipment.
  • Attend sharing sessions for free.
  • One time free private session/ one on one session with us**
  • One-time claimable benefit**


One time claimable benefits:
*Choose one

One time door to door collection and return for free
One time 20% off rental above $100
One time 50% off one item less than $30
One time free tripod/reflector rental for rental above $100 (subject to availability)

** For new/renewed memberships 1 June 2017 onwards.


  • To have rented equipment for 2 times or more within membership period of 12 months.
  • Good rental records

Frequently Asked Questions


1. How do I know if I qualify for member?

Our rental specialist will inform you during your 3rd rental if you have qualified for our membership. Your membership will start on the date of your 3rd rental. You may start enjoying the membership benefits from your 4th rental onwards.

1st rental: 2 June 2016
2nd rental: 27 October 2016
3rd rental: 16 January 2017

Membership qualification: Yes!
Membership start date: 16 January 2017
Membership expiry: 31 January 2018

You will also need to have good rental practice to qualify for the membership.

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2. I have qualified for membership, and have also practiced good rental practices. However, I am not informed that I qualify for member? Why?

Do check with us if our rental specialist did not inform you of your qualification for membership. EZ Lens Rental reserve the right to deny any membership.

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3. I am informed that I qualify for membership. But I am only offered few months of membership, why?

If you are holding on to a student pass or a work permit, we would like to extend the membership to you too! However, the expiry of your membership would either be one year, or 3 months prior to the expiry of your student pass or work permit, whichever is sooner.

If your student pass or work permit is extended, do let us know so that we can extend your membership too!

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4. Can I combine the rental records with my friend’s record to be eligible for the membership?

Unfortunately, we do not combine rental records. Our membership is offered based on each individual’s account with us.

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5. Can I pay to be a member?

Unfortunately, you can’t. Our membership scheme is a loyalty program to reward our customers.

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6. Can I transfer the membership to my friend or family members?

Unfortunately, the membership is non-transferable. However, you may write a letter of authorization for your family members to collect on your behalf. Do note that the item’s responsibility is in your hands, and you will be liable should there be any damages to the item.

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1. I have rented more than 2 times within 12 months, but my membership was not renewed. Why?

We take good rental practice very seriously. If you have not been punctual during collection/return, or have not been taking care of our items, your membership will not be renewed.

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2. How do I know if my membership has been renewed?

Our rental specialist will inform you one month before the expiry of your membership. You will also be updated on the new benefits available for you. Do note that we will need to verify your particulars so that it is updated.

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3. I missed my renewal period by a few days. Can my membership be renewed?

Our rental specialist will advise you on a case-to-case basis. We reserve the rights to deny any renewal of membership. We will inform you one month prior to the expiry of your membership, so do take note if you want to qualify for the membership renewal.

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1. What is the validity of the one-time claimable benefits?

The validity is the same as your membership expiry period. It expires on the same day as your membership, not inclusive of renewals.

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2. If I did not use the one-time claimable benefit, can I exchange for other discounts or cash discounts?

No, the one-time claimable benefit is not exchangeable, and non-transferrable.

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3. My membership has been renewed, but I did not use my one-time claimable benefit yet. Can it be carried over?

No, each membership year would carry its own benefits and privileges. If it has not been used before the expiry, it will be forfeited.

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4. How do I use the one-time benefit?

Simply inform us when you confirm the rental with us so that our staff can include it in the Rental Agreement. You will not be able to claim the benefit during the collection of the item.

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