About Us

“We buy, so you don’t have to”.

EZ Lens Rental was created by two photography enthusiasts who started their photography journey with renting lens from different rental houses, to being equipment hoarders.

We believed that photography should be affordable and lens rental should be made easy. Instead of letting our equipment sit in the dry cabinet, we want to share our equipment with like-minded photography enthusiasts, and make some friends along the way.

Here at EZ, everything is easy.

You don’t need to come to us, we go to you. You can meet us at more than 100 locations. Red, Green, Purple, Yellow and Blue, as long as there is an MRT station, we will be there!

We have the most flexible rental hours in the industry – you can pick up and return the equipment at your convenience. Lunch time, after school or after work, there is no worry of not meeting the usual office hours.

We give you ample time to familiarize with the equipment. Collect one day in advance and have ample time to play with it before your shoot. After your event, give yourself enough rest before returning the item to us. Easy peasy.

Make your reservation with us today via email, call, message, facebook, or even carousell. There are so many ways to reach us, it’s as easy as ABC. We look forward to bringing you an EZ rental experience!