Published by: Lim Zi Yang

We have a habit of buying things that we thought we want resulting in many impulse purchases. That includes buying a DSLR. For those who already have a DSLR, they often will like to purchase additional lens, but is apprehensive to do so as they feel that buying the lens is too much an investment. It will eventually become paper weight should the passion for photography dies. The solution is to rent camera equipment. Presenting to you 6 reasons why you should rent camera equipment, rather than buying.

1) Save precious space in your house

Most Singaporeans lives in HDB houses. Space is limited. Having to keep and maintain your DSLR at home in proper condition means storing in a dry cabinet, which is considerably huge. It’s like having a small safe box at home. If you only need to use DSLR once in a blue moon, you should rent instead. You’ll save the space for other purposes.

2) Leave the maintenance to rental house

Keeping your own DSLR and lens also means maintaining it. You’ll need to clean the lens and camera regularly to ensure no fungus growth. There could also be times when you simply forgot to store the camera back into the dry cabinet and fungus starts to attack. Dry cabinet also fails from time to time when the power unit can be unreliable. If you fail to notice the dry cabinet had failed, your equipment will be at risk of fungus.

3) Wallet Friendly

There are many reputable rental houses in Singapore. At only a fraction of the cost to buy one, you can rent a DSLR or Lens for the entire day. No need for one time cash heavy investment into new or second hand equipment. You can also rent the equipment to test out before you make a commitment to purchase one for yourself. You may realised the equipment may not be as good as you wish and safe you from the waste of money. For all you know, you might be giving up photography just after a short while.

4) Wide variety to choose from

Buying any additional lens apart from you kit lens is a considerable investment. And you are stuck with that one lens only. Renting from a reputable rental house allows you to “shop” through their wide variety of lens. You simply choose the lens you like to shoot with and return once you are done. Not happy with this lens? Choose another lens during your next rental.

5) Expert advice on best lens to use

Some rental house not only give rental services, but also provide their expert advice on the best lens to use for your occasion. You can always consult them on the best lens to use.

6) Delivery service

Some rental houses provide door to door delivery services, which can be convenient if you are busy with work, or cannot take time away from your chores. Simply check with the rental houses if they have delivery service.